About Me

I’m Diana Heather (yes, Heather is my last name) and I’m the proud mommy of, Khloe -born June ’09, and  Lola – born Sept ‘10 . I refer to our girls as “Little” and “Littler” or collectively as “the Littles.” They are truly the joys of my life and I couldn’t be happier to be a mom. It’s a chaotic, but a great life with two toddlers 15 months apart!

I’m a Mississippi girl with the privilege of growing up on the Gulf Coast – think white sand beaches, family-owned businesses, casino fun, water skiing on the bayou, crawfish boils and Mardi Gras! After a childhood vacation to New York City, I fell in love with the dream of life in the Big Apple, and knew I had to live there!

I dipped my toes in the practice of law before “retiring” from my law career just a couple of years later, after getting my bachelor’s degree in journalism and public relations at Ole Miss and  graduating from Law School at the University of Mississippi. It was all with the goal to follow my dreams and move to New York City.  In the Big Apple I have had the good fortune of doing PR and social media for incredible brands like Mikasa, Henri Bendel and Harry Winston. I couldn’t be happier in my new home!

Two days after moving to the Big City, I met my amazing, fabulous, magnificent husband, Ashley, (aka Hubs), who hails from England. As fate would have it, he also left home and moved to New York to pursue his career as an entrepreneur (lucky for me!). My in-laws still live across the pond, about a four-hour drive north of London (5 if it’s Christmas Eve with a 6-month old). Traveling is a love Hubs and I were both born with.

Between life in the Big City, 2 kids, and family scattered all over the planet, the Littles have both had passports since birth.

Join me as I travel through parenthood, time zones and this crazy little thing called life.



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