Free Printable Lists and Calendars

I am a list girl. I keep lists everywhere. On the back of receipts, on my iPhone and most recently Stickies on my Mac to help me remember tasks -even really minute things.
I keep them to clear out  my head and get the details someplace more tangible.

I love lists because I can SEE what I need to get done and I can cross things off once complete. I even “mark” things off on my iPhone by placing a capital “X” next to it because I can’t physically scratch it off. I like to keep the lists. I’m am a record keeper. I never delete or very, very rarely, I should say.

I love a long running tab of what I’ve done for years. It warms my heart to reminisce and reminds me that I don’t, in fact, do nothing, which is often how I feel. I still find them from years ago and remember what I was up to back then.

Here are the links to a two great list templates that are helping me keep track of everything this Holiday Season.




P.S. (updated 12/4/12)  The Moleskine Smart Notebook would be great for capturing your lists!

From Techlicious:

Is your gift recipient an old fashioned note taker? Take her into the digital age with the Moleskine Evernote Smart Notebook. She can still take notes with pen and paper, but then she can easily digitize them by taking a photo of the pages with the Evernote app (free on iTunes) and even perform handwriting recognition. Price: starts at $29.95 for a 5” x 8” notebook on

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