What Moms REALLY Talk About: Where Kids Poop.

Diana: Oh, and Mommy Moment of the Day!
Jac Lynn: Yes?
Diana: L actually pooped ALL OVER our dining table this morning when i wasn’t looking- FAIL 😦
Jac Lynn: OMG! LOL!
Jac Lynn: My Hair Guy’s little girl pooped IN the Baby Grand Piano when she was little!
Diana: OMG. Wow.
Jac Lynn: Then she came and told them about it!
Diana: I mean, how gross!
Jac Lynn: YES
Diana: Thank God it was the hard kind, but it was a lot.
Jac Lynn: YES
Diana: L was like, “I made poops!”
Diana: “Oh good, L. Where?”
Diana: “On the table.”
Jac Lynn: LOL
Jac Lynn: Yeeeaaaah. On. The. Table.
Diana: No one was home but the two of us. It was that in between time, when A and K are at School and The Babysitter isn’t in yet. And I’m always late. So I have been letting her do her thing.
Diana: Hmmm
Diana: Might need to rethink our schedule.
Diana: On. The. Table.
Jac Lynn: Lol.  Yes. Every mom has a poop story. My Grandmother’s is when my Aunt smeared it on the wall during her nap. Mine hasn’t happened yet.
Diana: Mine hadn’t either. TILL TODAY!
Jac Lynn: And now it has!
Diana: Ha!
Jac Lynn: Check
Diana: Smearing on wall. Very, very bad. Much worse than on the table.
Jac Lynn: Yes
Diana: Your Grandmother wins.
Jac Lynn: This time!

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