Dr. Scholl’s For My Soles!

It’s no secret. When you blog, people send you stuff. Dr. Scholl’s sent me the Dr. Scholl’s Original 2.0 in Dark Venom Red (Great name for a color!) and Dr. Scholl Women’s Jamie in Navy and Orange.


I am wearing my sandals today. And last Friday. They are my new Friday Shoe.
At first I had the strap over my foot too tight. I realized it’s just a snap to readjust it
so now I have them fitting perfectly and they’re my new, favorite, slide-on anytime shoe. With two little girls to keep up with, that’s important.

The sole makes walking feel a little like bouncing, but in a good way because of the material it’s made of. They are really light weight. When I pulled them out of the box, I was literally shocked for a second at how light it was in my hand. I handed them to someone next to me just to confirm I wasn’t crazy. They really are THAT light.

I’m into really bright, neon colors this season and I’ve always been a fan of pastels in summer. So I would love an orange pair or a pastel. Even nude would easily be something I’d wear every day. I have worn the Dr. Scholl’s Original 2.0 sandal with everything – shorts, pants, cropped pants and sundresses.

Dr. Scholl's SneakOrange is my new neutral this summer. I’m on my 3rd pair of bright orange sandals currently. I feel like you can get away with orange in a shoe because there isn’t too much material, so you only get a little flash of color over your feet. I wear orange literally with everything – patterns, pastels, neutrals. I am loving the orange and am sure I will continue right on into Fall with the Dr. Scholl Women’s Jamie in Navy and Orange. They are super comfortable.

Lucky for you, these great shoes from Dr. Scholl’s are on sale at Totsy.com (my day job) for up to 59% off. Sign up – It’s free.

Click Here for Dr. Scholl’s on Sale at Totsy.com Until 8/6/12

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