My Dreams Come True on HSN

Diana Heather on HSN SetNot everyone gets the chance to do something they actually practiced in the mirror growing up and yesterday, I DID!

The Home Shopping Network gave me the opportunity to audition for the chance to represent on LIVE TV! Since it was something I’ve literally always dreamed of doing I took on the process with gusto and found myself living out a dream in the HSN studios yesterday.

Just before we went live, there was a moment I was able to calm my nerves, and just let go and enjoy. I knew this was what I had always dreamed of and that I had done my homework on all the products I was talking about and that it was time to relax, and be me and do what I love doing.

I had so much fun once the cameras went on.

My Dad always says, “You can’t sell something you wouldn’t buy yourself.”

I actually loved every product I was talking about.

I got to talk sincerely about toys my kids and I really DO have fun with.

Toys from brands I trust and spend my own money on.

Every word was completely true!

All my life I’ve been the one to promote the products I love to friends and anyone who will listen.

This time I got to do it as part of my job.

Isn’t the dream to get paid to do what you already love doing? This was totally that day for me.

My favorite part about being on HSN yesterday was KNOWING that I was living my dream. That in those minutes, my actual dreams were happening. I was acutely aware of the need to soak it all in. I’m a very lucky girl.

Everyone’s been asking about the toys on HSN. Here’s a quick list.

Diana Heather  in Green Room at HSNXOXO,

5 thoughts on “My Dreams Come True on HSN

  1. You did a fabulous job! I only got to see the last 20 minutes but what I saw was great. You looked like you were having so much fun!

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