Change A Diaper Like a New Yorker On the Go

Creative Commons photo courtesy of boulter

Lots of diaper changing in NYC happens on the restroom FLOOR. Yuck! I know.

Mostly, you’ll be in a tiny bathroom in Starbucks or a deli, or wherever you’ve been eating and you won’t have a changing table.

NY mommies all carry disposable diaper changing pads in their diaper bags for this exact reason.

You’re other best friend in the war against dirty diapers on dirty floors is a mini-diaper bag. Think of it like a wallet for your diaper bag. My favorite is the Bella Tunno Go Go Ditty. Save the hassle of lugging the entire diaper bag when all you need are the essentials.

It can be tricky and not always the most sanitary if your baby is squirmy, rolling or crawling, but it CAN be done.

1. Line the floor w/ your disposable changing pads (not very cushiony so you might want to put one under and over your good pad for comfort of baby)

2. Place a few clean diapers or the rolled up Go Go Ditty under baby’s head to make a pillow

Viola! You have your own little changing station.



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