Ride-On Carry-On As Seen on Good Morning America Today: Travel With Kids Just Got Much Easier

The Ride-On Carry-On in Action. Photo Courtesy of RideOnCarryOn.com/GMA

Friends! Airport travel with kiddos just got a lot easier. I’m serious. I mean a lot!

In fact, I’m traveling solo with my 20-mos old soon and think I need one of these asap for our trip!

My good friend alerted me this morning to this amazing chair that actually converts the carry-on bag you’re probably already toting into a stroller of sorts- actually more of a wheeled chair. Meaning, its great for older kids too.

It’s called the Ride-On Carry-On and you can read all about it on their site. The site says its good for 8 months to 5 years and up to 50lbs.

What’s even better than that?  For today only, thanks to Good Morning America, you can get one for just $19.95.

I’m looking at how this item works: so simple, so genius, so why didn’t I think of this?

Ok, maybe not me. But my girlfriend who told me about it this morning. She totally could have thought this up.

Anyway, if it works like it looks on the site-and given the simplicity of it- I’m guessing it does,  I’d say GRAB ONE NOW.

So go, buy, travel, enjoy!!

Oh and take pics and let me know how it goes here. I want to hear from you.




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