Got Milk?

The Little Double Fisting Her “Hot Milk”

Yesterday turned into a full day all about MILK for me. Seems boring? Maybe. Seems like I’m hanging with too many toddlers? Definitely.

But a day that usually consists of between 1 and 4 straw cups with luke warm milk in them became an entire day surrounded by MILK.

Photo to the left proves the Littles addiction to “hot milts” – that’s how they say it. And they may, at some point in the near future, require an intervention from it.

But that was just the start of yesterday as MILK day.


Cover of TIME: Woman Breastfeeds Her 3-Year Old Son

I’ll start with the obvious…by now you’ve seen the cover of Time magazine. Clearly sales and subscriptions are down to have felt like the only way forward was such a provocative cover.

I, personally, am not getting involved in the mommy battle of the type of parenting one chooses- Hubs and I just spend our days trying to do the best we can at any given moment.

What I’m talking about more here, isn’t what the cover story is about- its the cover in and of itself.

Why make something natural, like breastfeeding in general,into something tawdry? Does it really just boil down to MONEY?

Recently I read that a woman flying out of Hawaii was asked by TSA agents to prove that her breast pump was real!?

Does this mean breastfeeding – which is hard enough on its own- has become even harder?

Does it mean we are loosing tolerence? If you breastfeed your wrong, If you don’t you’re also wrong?

Come one moms, lets all just stand  behind each other as we all attack the hardest job on the planet.


Nina Dobrev and Her Mom Unveil New Ad for “Got Milk?”

Finally I was able to attend a MILK event I can really stand behind. I was invited to attend the Got Milk? unveiling of its latest ad featuring teen star of Vampire Diaries fame, Nina Debrov and her gorgeous mother, Michaela.

The event was hosted in the Hearst Building last night in NYC and was full of fun cereal and breakfast items and of course, lots and lots of Milk.
Got Milk? has a new campaign which they launched last night to coincide with Mother’s Day called “Like Her, Like Me” or for you Tweeps #LikeHer.
The message encourages bonding among moms and daughters of all ages with a goal of both mom and daughther staying healthy and confident.
Nina Dobrev recounted her childhood memories about her mom and breakfast all centered around Milk.
Though the event was targeting the tween/ teen set as it was co-sponsored by Seventeen magazine, there were lots of younger girls and moms their enjoying mini-manicures with a color pallette of nail polish choices inspired  by milk. Some of my favorite colors were called  “chocolate milk” and “strawberry milkshake.”
What a wonderful, girl power message for Got Milk?
Synoposis of MILK day- no matter how you look at it- Milk means mom and kids get to share more and bond more.
Now that’s a Happy Mother’s Day!

Me Being Interviewed By the Milk Man With Got Milk? & Seventeen


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