Big City Moms: The Biggest Baby Shower Ever New York and a Jessica Alba Spotting

Jessica Alba Hosts the Table for The Honest Company at The Biggest Baby Shower Every NYC by Big City Moms

Thanks to Big City Moms for hosting The Biggest Baby Shower Ever tonight in NYC. I had a blast checking out the latest in baby gear. Although the event is full of brands aimed at new parents and parents-to-be, I must say even “mommy experts” (haha) like myself can benefit from events like this!

I love staying in tuned to the coolest strollers and carriers and organic squeezie foods available because all of these things still make my life traveling with toddlers easier.

Tonight, I saw Bugaboo’s latest Donkey double stroller and I have to say City Select, Joovy and Mamas and Papas (a British brand headed our way) are all doing amazing job competing and giving the Bug a run for its money.

And the best thing of all, to my surprise, Jessica Alba was right in front of me at her booth for The Honest Company. Not what I was expecting when I turned the corner, but can I just say she did not disappoint. She was taking pictures with anyone who asked, stay poised among the flash bulbs AND is GORGEOUS!!!

What are your favorite go-to travel products when traveling? Strollers, carriers, easy-to-pack food items? Let me know!




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